28 October 2016 - Scaffold Erectors and Inspectors

The MITD in collaboration with Form-Scaff Ltd organized an award of certificates ceremony for 20 participants who followed a 4-day course in “Scaffold Erectors and Inspectors”. The ceremony was held at Form-Scaff Ltd, Pailles.

The objective was of the course was to impart knowledge and skills in scaffolding and was aimed at in-service relevant personnel in the construction industry and other stakeholders using scaffolds in their work.

The course is in line with section 5.1 of the OSHA Scaffold Regulations 2013 (GN 16 of 2014) which spells out that “every employer shall ensure that any of his employees using a scaffold has been provided with information, instruction, training and supervision to equip him to perform the work”.

The course was delivered by Mr Ian Caister, Training Manager of Form Scaff Ltd (South Africa). He is also a specialist in scaffolding, working at heights and formwork and reckons several years’ of experience in the construction industry.

The MITD has been in collaboration with Form-Scaff Ltd since 2009. Following this partnership, various training programmes have been dispensed for professionals of the construction industry.

Form-Scaff Ltd is the leading supplier of formwork and scaffolding to the Construction Industry and other stakeholders using scaffolds in their work.

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