19 April 2019 - Official launching of the Technician for Africa Program

80 third year trainees of the  Lycée Polytechnique Sir Guy Forget, studying Mécanique Automobile, Fabrication Mécanique and Electrotechnique trades who were under industrial placement at Scomat Ltd, were selected to follow the  Technician for Africa Program.

The programme was an opportunity for the trainees to further their skills development in the trades they are studying, thus enhancing their employability prospects. 

The program was a correspondence course, which was run virtually by Caterpillar University South Africa and the trainees were locally monitored by Scomat Ltd. The trainees had the opportunity to follow the programme at home in parallel with their course at the Lycée.

Following the successful completion of the program, the trainees were remitted a “Caterpillar Technician” Certificate, which is internationally recognized.


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